With Brendan, I always envisage that they have amazing sex
— Kieron Richardson, always envisaging amazing Stendan sex. Always. (via empathist)
Two things that shouldn’t go together end up making the perfect marriage. That’s Stendan


I’m planning on revamping the site and making it more user-friendly in the coming weeks. In the meantime I’ve opened a brand new gallery

It’s a bit of a work in progress (I’m trying to transfer 300+ episodes worth of screencaps which is a bit of a task!) but there’s a lot there already. 

I hope this makes things easier to find. As ever screencaps can be used without credit for anything you like. 

The old photobuckets will still be available should you wish to use them still. 


Stendan in Dublin | HQ*

*mostly HD, some bits are a little patchy

(if there’s demand I’m willing to make the ‘coupley’ Dublin scenes available for download in real HD [not the patchy quality in this episode] but please give me a few days) 

Pre-Dublin kiss in HD (blocked in UK and sound is not correct)

Feel free to download

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Thank you for your wonderful reception to Part 1! 

Here’s the more interesting Part 2 featuring a detailed guide to specific episodes and the little behind-the-scene touches! 

Part 3 coming soon.

Part Two: Episodes etc…

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Stendan + defining moments [1/3]

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I can’t lie about it, there’s a big gaping hole in each day. It’s weird to pick up a script and not see a Ste and Brendan scene.
— Kieron Richardson on life without Emmett Scanlan (x)

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Stendan Instagram Stories.↠ Ste becomes well and truly addicted to Instagram and with his new phone, he can take better quality pictures and filter them to look their best. He experiments with all the effects available to him using images of his favourite test subject. The one and only, Brendan Brady.

Particularly a very shirtless Brendan Brady. 

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When a fandom spans a long period and you jump aboard a ship mid-way through or when it’s finished you can sometimes miss little nuggets of behind-the-scenes facts which make the story so much better. And if you’ve been on the ship from the start, clutching your OTP and whispering “my babies” into the night you will hold these snippets of information to your chest with adoration. 

So for the new Stendan fans, the veterans, the curious and the virgins I present The Ultimate Guide to Stendan offering as much information on the two and a half year phenomenon. I hope you enjoy.

I have tried to include a ‘source’ where possible, however sometimes you’ll just have to take my word for it. Information comes from my big ol’ memory, articles and interviews, old tweets or from conversations with Emmett. 

Part One: Early Beginnings & Secret Sexuality

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